Interest in antioxidant compounds and the science of aging has grown by a substantial amount over recent decades. As human beings we relish being alive and wish to live a very long, healthy and fulfilling life. A great number of different dietary antioxidant supplements are available, but which ones are optimal for slowing down ageing if any?

Just prior to considering antioxidant supplements in general, we’ll take a brief look at perhaps the most puzzling connected elements about lifespan and ageing. We know that different animals live for quite different amounts of time. To illustrate: a hamster usually lives for only a few years whilst a pet cat or dog can live up to its teens and often a couple of decades. Gorillas and monkeys can live into their forties and homo sapiens (us) can live well beyond a century. Apart from some of the mammals, numerous bird species also are really long-lived. These facts were acknowledged as far back as Aristotle, however, why things ought to be this way still remains a problem.

This video from the BBC series “Time” shows Prof. Michio Kaku talking about the longevity of birds.

The WHO suggests an intake of at least four hundred g (grams) of fruit plus vegetables each day. In some nations this means the 5 a day practice, that suggests that we ought to take in at least 5 different helpings of fresh fruit or vegetables on a daily basis.

Particular foods are generally beneficial to our health. Diets high in fruit along with vegetables are connected with reduced levels of ailments such as heart disease, most cancers, diabetes and morbid obesity. The explanations behind this specific connection between diet and the lowered probability of disease are certainly not very clear. On the other hand, fresh fruit and veg possess vital vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients which include antioxidants. Furthermore they contain the building blocks that permit the body to help make antioxidants for itself.

With all of our rather busy present day lifestyles the majority of us battle to get our 5 a day. We swap a lot of our fresh fruit  and vegetables with reduced health comfort meals plus junk foods, therefore our intake of antioxidants goes down. In  addition, a number of fast foods not only have reduced degrees of antioxidants, they also possess substances that actively  reduce any antioxidant capacity we already have inside our bodies. That’s why many people take on health supplements  to raise their levels of these micronutrients.

For many individuals the onset of the signs associated with senior years are really a reminder that we all do possess limited time available to us.  The process of progressive oxidation within our bodies ends up in an accumulation of molecular junk that over time creates the  decline in the way our genes, enzymes, cells, tissues plus organs function. Remember that the science of ageing is really a  pretty new science. (If we grasped it perfectly, we might possibly already be living considerably longer than we do.) In  spite of the very solid evidence that free radicals plus oxidants are associated with life expectancy, it’s not clear which  could be the best anti-aging antioxidant supplements to take.

Like many elements of biology, the fact concerning almost any specific anti-aging antioxidant is not uncomplicated. Even the processes of any single celled organism is incredibly complex, and we multicellular humans far more so!

Our blog will help inform you in deciding on the best antioxidant supplements for your needs. As always be sure you seek qualified advice before embarking on any dietary regime.